Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This is at a temple, and at first sight maybe you thought this is the symbol the Nazis also used? Well, its not. This is the symbol that is found throughout China and Taiwan and other countries that have Buddhist temples. The Nazis copied it and changed it a little bit, but I am not too sure on the history of them copying the symbol.


I guess I have been getting a little lazy with posting. I will try and post more often.

Lately I have been going to school with my dad. He has a lot of classes, so we are busy going to school. I will walk around some of the classes and help his students with their work. He teaches some computer, writing, and speech classes. They students are starting to become more comfortable with me. At first, they were really shy and I think I was too with talking to them. Now they want to do things with me and that kind of stuff. Still today, some of the students are curious about me and will always ask me how old I am. I let them guess first. Every student has guessed between 16-20. No one has guessed that I am 23 yet. Once they figure out I am 23 they are like "Oh, cool!", and then they want to talk to me. Yesterday these girls thought I was 16 and I just said to myself, "Do I really look 16?" I don't think I do.

Today I am going to practice to parallel park. I can't do it. I guess in Knoxville I really never had to learn, but here if you can't parallel park, you shouldn't be driving. Taiwan is really different with driving than America. First of all, people don't drive on the opposite side here like in England. One main reason to why driving is different here than the U.S. is that I feel like there are no rules or respect when people drive. I am really serious. If someone wants to let's say, run a red light? They do it. What if someone is in the wrong lane and wants to go in your lane? They just keep getting closer and closer and closer until they are about 1 inch away from your car so you have to let them in. I haven't seen a policeman give out a ticket for driving yet. I think they are focused on other things. I guess its really hard to explain unless you are here, but just picture Chicago with only 1 driving rule...there are no driving rules! If I had to pick a rule that they follow it would be...I actually couldn't think of one. I tried to but I couldn't. I mean cars even drive in the other lane when there is heavy traffic just to avoid people in their current lane. What I mean is cars even drive in the oncoming traffic lane. Scooters are suppose to have their own lane, but that lane is small and sometimes they don't even have it. That lane is also the area where cars park, so scooters are in your lane all the time.

So anyways, I have seen crazy things while I have been in a car. Of course not every driver is like this, but a lot are. Ok talk to you guys later on.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Some Food

Hey guys,

I hope everything is going good back in the states. It should be getting colder there right? Well, over here it is still around 80 something degrees everyday. At night it seems to be getting cooler, but it feels good. I think maybe it gets to around 70 something at night. It should be getting colder here soon. Depending on where you are in Taiwan, it will be colder. Where I am, it will be cold enough to wear a jacket and pants. Sometimes it cold enough to wear a sweatshirt and a jacket. If I lived further south, I think I might only need a jacket.

You know girls here are kind of the opposite of girls in America in terms of getting a tan. Of course not all the girls here are afraid of the sun. What Cherry told me is that a lot of people here consider it the less tanner you are the cuter you are. In America, I think a lot of people think the tanner you are the cuter you are. Anyways though, so when people ride on the scooters, even if it is 90 degrees outside, they are wearing jackets, gloves, and another jacket to cover their legs. They don't want to get a tan while on the scooter. When they reach their destination, they put all the extra protective clothing in their scooter. There isn't anything wrong with this; it is just a little different than what we are use to.

The other day I bought a nice fake leather jacet at the market. It reminds me of a Brad Pitt leather jacket. What I mean is is that he would wear it. I think its cool, and it looks nice. You can buy all kinds of stuff at the market. Since it will be getting colder soon, people are selling more winter clothing. I will show you guys a picture of it later.

I put some pictures up of some food. The first one is a chocolate bar from Russia. It was white chocolate, and it was really really good. The next picture is Pizza Hut. I thought maybe you guys would like to see their boxes in Chinese. The last picture is some duck! I like to eat duck meat, but I can't try the head. The head is suppose to be really really good, but the meat is good enough for me. I have more food pictures, but I can put those on later.

Ok talk to you guys later on.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Jazz Festival

Hey guys,

There's not too much going on here, so I haven't posted in awhile. I have been going to school with my dad almost everyday, so I am busy doing that. Tonight I plan on going to the Jazz Festival here. It is pretty popular because people from all over the world come here and preform. I don't know what to expect yet, but I have heard there's a lot of people. It lasts for 2 weeks and this weekend is the last weekend. They play a wide range of music. I think they just call is the jazz festival because they don't know what to call it.

They play music from the symphony, Caribbean, and trumpet players. I mean there are a lot of different bands because several play everyday. It is a a huge park here with lots and lots of vendors and there are also several stages too. It should be pretty fun.

Other than that there's not too much going on. I hope everyone is doing good. Talk to you guys later.

Monday, October 20, 2008

My Sweet Weekend

Ok guys this is probably going to be a long post. ENJOY THE VIDEOS AND PICTURES!!! p.s. I don't know what videos I put on because I can't tell which ones they are until I post them. p.p.s. It takes awhile to upload the videos so I'm sorry if they aren't good ones, I got like 10 videos of the concert and like 30 pictures.

Sorry guys, but I tried to put more videos on but they are too big I think. I wish I could put more on because I have like 8 more.

So first I guess I will talk about what I did in Taipei. My first day i went to the northern part of Taipei. This is along the ocean and its different from the the main city of Taipei. Life here is still really busy, but it is more of a rural place (not really the rural we are thinking about). I should say it is more relaxed than the city life.

Let me also say that there is A LOT to do in Taipei. I have been there 3 times now and I still see thinks that I want to see. The thing about Taiwan and Taipei for example, is that you can drive down any street and there are things to see on every street. I'm serious! So Taipei has a subway system and its huge! In three days I only got to see like 5% of Taipei.

So on Friday I went bike riding along along the coast and it was very very nice. It was cheap to rent a bicycle, so I rented one for 2 hours. In Taiwan, it is very popular to ride bikes, and Taipei has a pretty good layout for bikes. Like I told you guys before, it is very popular here for people to bike around the entire country of Taiwan.

So after that I got a foot massage that hurt, and I also went shopping and played carnival types of games.

Saturday was a really nice day too. I went shopping at this market that is known for being a little cheaper than other markets. Cherry bought her outfit for the Lil Jon show. Saturday night was really exciting...I got to see Lil Jon. He was at this famous night club called Luxy. It is really nice in there. Cherry and I wanted to get there a little early to check it out and that kind of stuff. About 30 minutes after we got there, the place was so crowded you couldnt even really walk in there. Everyone was having a great time with the friends and stuff. Luxy is split into two different dance floors that I saw. One of them for hip hop and one for electronic music. I liked the hip hop area better, but both places where really nice. Another thing about Taipei is that there are lots of foreigners here. I know Taichung has some too, but there is a lot more in Taipei.

So Cherry and I wanted to get a good view of Lil Jon when he preformed. I guess I should say there is a stage where the DJ is and infront of him was the dance floor. Luxy is also pretty popular because I heard that Jay-Z even came and preformed here. Eventually Lil Jon came out and it was crazy. He sang all his hit songs and everyone was having a great time. He had another person with him but I forgot his name. He helped Lil Jon rap. Do you remember I said my friend had a VIP area? Well, Cherry and I wanted to be right next to Lil Jon. The VIP area was really nice too, it was along the dance floor, but I told Cherry I want to be as close as possible. Sometimes they would throw water at the crowd which was good because it was sooooo hot, but the bad news was that some water got on my camera and the lens wouldn't open. I fixed it though don't worry mom.

Oh, I should mention that before Lil Jon two Taiwanese rap groups preformed and they were really good. This one guy had dreadlocks like Lil Wayne which I thought was cool.

So this club reminded me one the ones from Las Vegas because it was really nice and there were lots of people in there. When the show was over I met up with my friend in the VIP section for a little bit then we all left. It was a really fun place. I'm glad Lil Jon came here because originally I was going to see Linkin Park with Cherry, but the lead singer got hurt and had to cancel all their shows in Asia and in Las Vegas. I was sad, but Lil Jon came instead!

On Sunday I went to a temple ontop a huge mountain. I had to walk up a lot of stairs and there were monks there too that live there. It was actually really busy here, but I didn't see any foreigners. Cherry told me they really don't go here. At the temple you can see a nice view of the entire city of Taipei, but if you go to a different spot you can see some mountains of Taiwan. At the temple you can also do some hiking. There is a lot of hiking and parks in Taiwan. I mean its 2/3 mountains. We couldn't go hiking though because it was going to get dark soon and the hike would take 2 hours easily one way.

After the temple we went to another market and they had some really good food. I guess when I saw a market in Taiwan you might think they are all the same, but they really aren't. They sell the same types of things like clothing and food, but everyone market is famous for something.

So anyways that was my weekend and I hope you guys enjoy the pictures and videos. Talk to you later.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm Exicted!!!

Hey guys,

I am pretty excited about the upcoming weekend! I will go to Taipei from Friday and come back on Sunday. I posted awhile ago about what I am going to do there, but I can tell you again. I will get there early Friday and check in the hotel and stuff. Then I think i will go to a little island close to my hotel. It should be nice. You can shop there and ride your bike around the island. When I am done there it will probably be night so then after that I will head over to a huge market and look at things.

Markets are really popular here, and I enjoy going to them to window shop and that kind of stuff. Then on Saturday I will go the a mountain early in the day and check that out. It should be nice because I have seen pictures of it on and it is really nice there. Then on Saturday night...LIL JON!!! Can you believe it? Yea thats right, Lil Jon is coming here! I am going go and see him. Unless my taxi or the subway goes of the rail then I won't go and see him. I am pretty excited about seeing him because I like him a lot. I am even more excited because originally on Friday I was going to see Linkin Park. Unfortunately, the lead singer got hurt so they canceled the concert. Instead Lil Jon is going to be here!

I also have a friend that said he might be able to help me out with a VIP room! Isn't that crazy??

On Sunday I plan on going to this other market and also checking out some old streets and buildings. I like to see that kind of stuff. There is a lot do in Taiwan and also in Taipei.

This weekened should be a lot of fun!

P.S. I tried to put a video up of my friend and his group rapping at a little concert we went to last night, but I think the video was too big. I put a picture of me instead being excited instead.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hi Folks

Hey everyone,

So how is everyone doing? I am pretty good. I just wanted to give you an update of what I am doing. First, I have to say that there really isn't too many jobs here for foreigners unless you can speak Chinese. If you could speak Chinese, I am sure you can get a good job here, or anyway in the world actually. So my options for jobs are limited to really only being a tutor or a teacher. Don't get me wrong. Being a teacher or a tutor is actually a decent job here. I mean with the money. You can easily make more than $15 an hour here. If you aren't getting paid that much, don't take the job and look at a different place because people here will pay you well for teaching English.

I actually don't teach at a school or something though. I did for a little bit, and I made really good money. There wasn't anything wrong with the school or the other teachers. I just wanted to do something else that's all. So if any of you were thinking about maybe teaching in a different country for a few months or a year I would say go ahead and do it because we are young and you won't get to do it when you are older. I didn't want to do it when I am 35 years old and married. I couldn't do that. I think it is a good way to travel and also figure out what you want to do with your future. You don't have to teach in Taiwan because lots of other countries want teachers.

Anyways, so what I do now is help my dad out. I go to classes with him and talk with the students. I consider myself something like a helper I guess. If a student needs some help with something I can help them. I like doing it because the people are really nice. So what I do is I go with my dad to school and stay there until we come home. At night I might hang out with my friends and that kind of stuff. I enjoy doing it, and it is what I want to do right now. It gives me a chance to hang out with my dad and stuff.

Oh about the picture....all I was thinking when I saw this was LOOK OUT BELOW!!! There were two guys putting up an AC I think and the ladder was pretty ratty too. I couldn't walk through it because the alleyway is only big enough for 2 people.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Over the Weekend

I did a few thinks this weekend and I wanted to show some pictures. I took a lot of pictures so I picked a few to show you guys.

First I went to this other town that is kind of close to my city. It was maybe 45 minutes away or something. It is a smaller place and they have lots of temples there. I took a lot of pictures of temple stuff. It was really nice there and there is a lot of details that goes into making the temples.

Next I went to this place called Kao May Marsh. It was a really nice place. It is also very windy there too. They have lots of wind turbines there. Those were cool to look at. At the marsh there are tons and tons of little crabs, so everyone there tries to catch them and look at them. There were lots of different kinds of crabs there. We stayed there until it was dark.

Along the way, I saw some guys standing on the bed of a truck while we were on the highway so I took a picture of them because I thought they are crazy.

The final place we went to was on the side of a mountain over looking the county of Taichung. It was nice because the weather was prefect, and at this spot you can order snacks and drinks. I had a chocolate waffle with some hot chocolate and looked out at the city lights. It was a really fun day and I wish you guys could have experienced it.

See you later.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Linkin Park Cancels Asia Tour

October 7, 2008

Linkin Park has been forced to cancel their upcoming Music For Relief Concerts in Mainland China, Macau and Taipei as lead vocalist Chester Bennington has sustained a back injury and is under doctor's orders to refrain from traveling or any physical activities. Linkin Park sincerely regrets this unavoidable cancellation and apologizes to fans for any disappointment caused. Tickets will be refunded at point of purchase.

The concerts were organized as fundraisers to benefit Sichuan, an area ravaged by a devastating earthquake this past May. However, thanks to generous donations from concert promoter Emma Ticketmaster and Linkin Park, funds will still be contributed to the band’s nonprofit organization, Music for Relief, and matched by the World Bank. These funds will benefit post-earthquake reconstruction projects in the Sichuan Province initiated by Chinese Civil Society Organizations.

The cancelled shows are as follows:
Oct. 12 - Shanghai, China - Shanghai Stadium
Oct. 15 - Wuhan, China - Xinhua Stadium
Oct. 17 - Taipei, Taiwan - Taipei Soccer Stadium
Oct. 19 - Beijing, China - Beijing Workers Stadium
Oct. 21 - Macau, China Cotai Arena - The Venetian

The Fruit Market

Hey guys,

I thought I would put up some pictures of some fruit. Its really no big deal, but I thought maybe you would like to see some pictures. Fruit markets are really popular here, and there are plenty of them. Many people sell their fruit on the street or in a small open market. The fruit here is so cheap. I don't remember exactly how much things were but it was really cheap. For example, the picture directly above here is of hundreds of lemons. They are green, not yellow. Maybe they are limes too or maybe they aren't even lemons. I don't really know and I don't care because it tastes good in drinks. Okay, well it says 29 above it and I think it was something like 10 of them for $0.29 which is like...$0.0089 USD. The bananas were...a batch of them for like the same price or something like that. I don't know if every fruit market has prices like this one, but this is so cheap isn't it? Maybe it was because I went there around 10 PM at night and they were on sale. I don't know.

If you are wondering how does an apple taste for example here compared to the US I would say it tastes like an apple. Apples here and in the US are both taste like an apple. Although some fruit here does taste pretty delicious. I don't know the names of all the fruits but I think most taste like tropical fruit or something like that. Also, the fruit here is seasonal. I wanted strawberries but no one has them right now because its not in the season. Maybe a different store like a big grocery or something would have them but not the markets.

There are a lot of fruit farmers here mainly on the eastern side of the island because it is more tropical there. Then all the food is shipped to other places in Taiwan. There are still fruit farmers all throughout Taiwan because I will see them here in the city selling their food.

I wanted to talk about one of the fruits I took a picture of. It is picture 3 and 4, and the fruit is called durian. I have heard that it tastes sooo good. I'm not too sure though. I can't eat it because I know I will throw up. Let me try to explain. It smells really bad to me. I know lots of peole don't mind the smell, but I can't stand it. It just smells bad trust me. It smells bad when you cut it open, so its ok in the market and stuff if its not open. Once its! Do you guys know Andrew Zimmerman? He is the chef that travels around the world on the travel channel eating food and stuff. I saw him try and eat this fruit on a segment and he couldn't do it. He said it tastes something like a raw onion. Something like that. Then again, I saw Anthony Bourdain eat this like it was nothing. Knowing me I couldn't eat it. I haven't seen it but in the markets where Andrew Zimmerman went to, the durian vendor had to be a certain area away from the real market because the smell was so bad.

People have said durian and stinky tofu ( thats another topic ) taste soooooooo good! I can't eat them because the smell alone makes me sick. Literally, it really does. I smelled stinky tofu and I threw up right there in the restaurant. Well, I guess I can talk about stinky tofu now since I brought it up. So everyone knows tofu right? Ok well the stinky part of the name of this snack comes from the sauce or maybe its the way its cooked. It is cooked in a bin of a dark liquid and then the tofu is deep fried into it. There are lots of different ways to cook it but this is the way they do it in the market. It is so popular here that you can't go to a market without seeing it.

So anyways, I went to a restaurant with open windows. The restaurant was really nice and cozy. I have smelled stinky tofu before so I know what it smells like, but I thought I could try the restaurant even though a stinky tofu vendor was next to it. So occassionaly i would smell the tofu being cooked which is ok in moderation. I can handle the smell little by little. I always hold my breath when I pass a stinky tofu vendor. I'm serious. So anyways, the smell just coming in through the windows and about 15 minutes into being there I threw up. I tried not to because I was telling myself you can't throw up here! I'm sorry though, I had to. Luckily I had a little plastic bag that I did it in. So maybe you guys can see how bad the smell is to me. I know lots of people don't mind the smell though. I want to try and explain the really smells like the sewage being cooked. That is the best way I can explain it, and I'm not joking. If anyone visited me here, I bet most people couldn't eat it.

Ok see you guys later!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Out Shopping

Hey guys,

Yesterday I went shopping at the store. They are having a sale, so there were a lot of people. When there is a sale here, it seems like everyone about it and wants to go shopping. I went to the store early so it wouldn't be so crowded, but it was still early when I went there around 11 AM.

I don't really know what a definition of a mall is but I think Taichung would have a few malls. They have individual stores, department stores, malls, and markets. I think instead of calling a mall a mall here people say department store. When I first heard that I thought oh okay I'm going to a place like JCPenny. I was wrong. The department stores here aren't really department stores like what we are thinking of. They are maybe like a mini mall, with a food court and a nice movie theater. It seems that all the department stores have a movie theater.

Then there are malls, but these malls aren't really like what we are use to. There might be something like 13 floors for the mall, but its set up differently. Some floors are just for make up while others are for men and women. That's how it's set up. Also, for example, in the men's section of the mall there is a Levi's part. Levi's has its own part on the floor but you don't walk into a new room to go inside the store if that makes sense? Mostly all the stores are on the floor and only separated by their own clothing. It is a little different. So just picture a mall without all the extra doors and walls for most of the stores. You would walk into each store freely.

Anyways, so I was shopping, and I went this one part where they were selling jeans. Then I picked some out that I liked and tried them on. I liked them, but they were too long for me. I guess I couldn't buy them....Just joking. I bought them. They would customize the jeans you wanted to your length. It took about 10 minutes for her to do that. I thought that was pretty cool. So all the jeans just come in the size and then the length they customize it to the way you want. It costs about $50 for the jeans which is like going to the GAP or something. I got some more things too. The sizes here are also a little different, so instead of getting a medium like I would in Knoxville I have to get a large. Some people when they come over here are actually too big to buy some of the clothing. I mean your selection is limited. They might have your size but don't count on it.

So about this picture. I don't know what to think about it. I saw these eggs like this at the market and I was like huh? I think it looks like of cool. Ok talk to you guys later on.

Friday, October 3, 2008

What did I do for my Birthday?

Hey everyone,

Yesterday was my birthday, and I enjoyed it. Around 6 PM I went to go out to eat with Cherry. I ate so much that I was feeling kind of bad, but it was ok. She told the restaurant that it was my birthday so when we were done eating the meal that sang me the happy birthday song and gave me a good piece of cake. It was kind of embarrassing though because the place was crowded and they also wanted me to sing with them and stand up.

After that, Cherry and I went to go bowling with her brother and sister. Her brother is pretty good at bowling and he could do some tricks with the ball like spinning it different ways. The second game we played I only scored something like 65 points. I started to try and spin the ball too, but it didn't work out too well. There aren't too many bowling alleys here, and the only one I know of is actually kind of cool. I think the ones in Knoxville are only so so, but maybe it's because I have been to them a lot. The bowling alley here is also an arcade place (with nice arcades if that makes sense), upstairs is ping pong, about 20 pool tables, and also there are batting practice things upstairs. The patting practice here is really popular. It's not the kind of batting practice like in a batting cage because it is a little different. You pick the speed of your ball and there's I think maybe 8 different speeds. Well, I guess its the same back in the US but it's still different. Anyways though, my friends Bobby met up with us there too.

After that, Cherry, Bobby, and I went to this really nice lounge/bar/live music place. I guess I will give you some background on Bobby. He is from New Zealand and speaks just a little bit of Chinese. He could get around town if he wanted to with his Chinese. He loves snow boarding and he travels around the world snowboarding. Since there really isn't any snow here is he going to be going to Colorado for I think he said 7 months. He is a really cool guy.

So we went to this place and it was really really nice. I should mention that the bars/lounges here are really really nice. They aren't like Knoxville at all, so don't picture a Knoxville bar. Knoxville doesn't have lounge that I know of. The lounges/bars remind me of the ones from Las Vegas. I say this because all of them that I have been to are really nice and relaxed. The people dress up nice when they go to them and the environment is good. I think it is the same if Las Vegas. I haven't seen a lounge/bar here that is like the ones in Knoxville. I don't know if they exist here. You can bring your little purse dogs with you too if you want. I saw that. You know what I mean by purse dogs? Those dogs that fit in your purse.

Ok, we went to this place and it was really crowded and everyone was having a good time and there was a pretty good band on the stage. You could also request songs for them to place, so I requested Hotel California. The guitarist in the band played an awesome solo during the song. I had a lot of fun there. Since it was my birthday, I got a free cake! It was a lot of cake and we couldnt finish it. I would go back to that place because it was nice and you can go there to relax and hang out.

So that is what I did for my birthday. Today I am actually going to go out again and buy some gifts, so that should be good. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I had a haircut on my birthday. Haircuts here are really good because they are all salon type of places and you get drinks and a massage when you get a haircut. I don't know if you guys can tell but my hair is gelled up kind of like a Taiwanese pop singer. It thought it was funny, so I kept the gel in it all day.

Ok well enjoy the picture and I will talk to you guys later.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Vacation is coming up!

Hey everyone,

I am still doing good here, and I am still having a lot of fun. Today I went to a tea shop around midnight and had some snacks and drank lemonade. It was still really busy. About 1 million people live in the city of Taichung so it's usually busy until 3 in the morning everyday.

Look at this picture I took. This is a VERY typical food vendor in Taiwan. Do you guys see all those different kinds of food? Do you know how many of those foods I have tried? 0. I just can't bring myself to do it. This type of food vendor is one of the most abundant type I think. There are lots and lots of food vendors, and they sell food really cheap. I am a picky eater so that is why I haven't tried on of these foods, but maybe you guys would like some?

So anyways, there is another typhoon coming here! That would be 3 in a row. I mean, in the past 3 weeks there has been a typhoon every week. It is suppose to come on Saturday, so I still have a little time to go outside.

I think I should be having a vacation coming up soon too. Let me explain. On Friday, it is my birthday, so I am going to go out with my friends. I don't know where yet, but I have a few ideas. So I think that counts as a little vacation. Then, next weekend is actually a vacation in Taiwan. There's no school next Friday, and a lot of people are off work. I want to try and go somewhere within Taiwan that weekend. I am pretty sure I will either go to Kenting, Tainan, or the mountains. Kenting is really nice and has the beaches that we see in postcards and that kind of stuff. Tainan is a lot closer to me (maybe 1 and a half hours), and it has a desert, beach, and mountains all in one county. So that would be cool. The other thing is I would go to the mountains around here. It should be pretty fun.

And then the weekend after that I will go to Taipei for the weekend! I'm going to see the Linkin Park concert which should be cool. Then while I'm in Taipei I plan on going to a little island by boat and also go to a temple in the mountains. So it should be pretty cool too. I have been to Taipei a few times already so I know a little bit about it.

Last time I was there, before I went I heard about this market that has snakes. I had to go see it, so I did. This market wasn't too big, and there weren't too many people there. Anyways, as you walk down the street you see LIVE snakes just hanging upside down on a string I think. Kind of like laundry hanging out to dry. I don't know if the peole hit them really hard and then hang them up, but they are still moving and stuff. So then these vendors ask you if you want something to drink right? That's when you see something you don't see everyday. The vendors take a knife and cut the snake while its still alive right down the middle. They cut open the skin like a surgeon. I think they do more than this because they get specific body fluids from the snake and put it into little cups like the ones you drink at a water fountain or the dentist office. They usually have 3 different types of cups and each one has different fluids in it. One I know for sure is 100% blood. They don't add water to it or something like that. You drink it straight up. So you drink all three of them one by one and then you pay the guy like $10 or something I don't know how much. I only saw two people do it when I was there. It was pretty cool. So that's the kind of stuff I like to see. I like to see the stuff I can't see everyday.

Ok so anyways, after that weekend my visa is going to expire. I have a visitor visa that only lasts for 60 days then before this time is up I have to leave Taiwan for one day. That's the type of visa I have right now, and I think that's the one I want. It gives me a chance to go to a different place for a little bit. I mean it makes me leave travel somewhere for at least one day. So anyways I am thinking I will go to Hong Kong for a few days. I have heard Hong Kong is a cool place. Maybe I will be able to go to Macao too since it is right next to it, and I hope to win money if I go there. You know Macao is the gambling center of Asia. Its different from Las Vegas. I can explain that a different day because that might be a like post. So anyways, I only checked this one airline, but it is about $230 for a roundtrip to Honk Kong or Macao. I think that's a really good price right? With this airline, you can go anywhere in the world, but I was just looking at SE Asia. It was around $500 round trip to Tokyo and that was the most exspensive. You can go to Bali ( nice beach resort ), Thailand, and the Philippines all for under $450 round trip. I was saying this is pretty good because when I was looking at flight from Knoxville to SanFrancisco it was $850 on the internet. I think thats crazy because you litterally can fly anywhere in the world round trip for around $1300, at least last time I checked. I might be wrong now though.

Ok well I hope everyone is doing good. See you later.